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2. The people in her community came from the sky when the thunder struck, and the first people were created. From the first generation, the people continue to exist through the intermarriages and families that they began.
3. The Native American perspective on history is that man should remain loyal to natures because nature has kept him well. Native Americans have emphasis on nature rather than a supernatural being. In this perspective, their focus is based on living well with nature. However, through history, Europeans have focused on a supernatural being who surpasses all other beings. Therefore, through life, Europeans focus on attaining the best existence between themselves and the supernatural being rather than being one with nature as the Native Americans (Chapter 8: Origin or Religion, 134).
4. The Anishinabe worldview of “We are all related implies that everybody in the world has a common ancestry. The relation has been dissolved through the years because people have formed families, which have led to family trees. However, the concept that the Anishinabe people wish to convey is that people share common roots. In this perspective, an individual may be black or white, others may belong to different family lines, but in fact, we are all related by our origin from our earliest ancestors (Chapter 4: The Earth’s First People 26).
5. According to Mishomis book, the Original Man was given the job to name the animals although he had not had a name yet. Thereafter, people called him Anishinabe, he roamed the earth and named the creatures, the water bodies and all the parts of the body. As he did this work, he roamed the earth and saw the land as he studied the different seasons such as winter and summer. He also noted the characteristics of these seasons. The job given to man was to understand the earth and to roam and make the earth his home (Chapter 4: The Earth’s First People 25).
6. The original man learnt how to face the earth from his grandmother. Nokomis taught the original man how to live in harmony under the sun and prepared him for his journey. The journey enabled the early man to get fire. His grandmother enlightened him about the earth and how he would make the best of his stay here (Chapter 4: The Earth’s First People 22).
7. The plains Indians recorded the great events in their life on the Buffalo hides. These events included the great experiences and traditions that they intended to preserve. The recording of an event on a buffalo hide meant that it was an important event that was to be remembered over time and passed to other generations (Chapter 8: Origin or Religion 138).
8. The four directions as described by the gifts in Mishomis book include Red which meant South, Black that represented the West, White that represented the North and Yellow that represented the East. The colors represented the directions and the gifts, which came from these directions (Caduto, and Joseph 157).
10. Déloria Jr. intends to indicate that different cultures and individuals hold different perceptions about their origin. As such, the story or narrative of one’s origin is unique to them. However, it is clear that all people share a common ancestry therefore; we are all related (Chapter 8: Origin or Religion, 135).
11. The wolf and man share a number of characteristics such as mating for life, having a clan system for the tribes and family, and having their land occupied by other individuals.

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