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Whether writing academically or professionally, all writers should aim to improve their skill. Each of the essays I wrote during this class can be improved in different ways. While analyzing my own writing, there are several key aspects I should focus on to improve my overall writing ability. Some problems are simple and were simply an oversight on my part; however, others repeat throughout my essays and I recognize the need to fix these problems for the future. There are three areas in which I need to improve in my writing: thesis development, sentence structure, and word choice.
When developing my thesis statements, I need to improve my delivery and clarity. For example, I use a simple thesis in essay four by stating, “I will look at this particular argument with a view to refuting it” at the end of the introduction. While this idea is clear based on my previous statements, I need to deliver the idea for my essay in a more academically acceptable way. Upon researching essay formatting, I know that I need to begin presenting the main idea of my essay in my thesis statement as an introduction to the following content (“A Proper Introduction”). In essay four, I could instead introduce the idea of my essay by stating that while Akop Nazaretyan makes interesting points on the treatment of the dead, he fails to take into account societal and culture values that influence how people treat and interact with the dead. When creating future essays, my goal is to prepare a solid thesis statement.
The next step in improving my writing will be to improve my sentence structure by paying close attention to comma usage, sentence flow, and run-on use. One of the ways to address these issues will be to read each essay out loud. When I began reviewing my work for this assignment, I notice that the more I read the work out loud, the more I noticed my errors. IN essay three, there are sentences that make little sense when read out loud. For example:
Zombie, the whole concept is much better comprehended, when visualized, when a person does not have to spend time reading through a long description of the monster – and the description will be long, as there are too many elements, through which a zombie is in so many ways different from a human being.
One big problem in my writing is my choice of words that are either just to fill the sentences or are incorrectly singular or plural. In essay two, the first sentence of the second paragraph contains odd word choices: “Arguably, from folkloric definitions, Vampires did once be presumed to exist.” I chose to add too many words to the sentence when I should have simply wrote that vampires once were presumed to exist or used a more simple approach by stating that based on folklore, vampires once existed. Overall, I believe that I need to use the words that make the most sense for my idea instead of trying to make the essay sound better with bigger words.
While I have the ability to write a good essay, I need to work on improving my thesis writing, my sentence writing, and my word choice. At times, I think that I try too hard to make a sentence sound better and more academic, but when I do that, I lose focus of the real important part: presenting the facts in a clear and organized way. There are many resources around the web that will help me improve my writing. It is my goal to utilize these and learn to write a better, more solid essay.

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