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I do not think that the Indian removal process was truly voluntary. Although the Indian Removal Act of 1830 stated that the Indians had the choice of exchanging their ancestral land or remaining, in practice they did not. According to Wallace 3, there were many instances when the Indians were coerced to vacate the land east of Mississippi. The government forced them to leave their native land through expulsion and threats of invasion. President Jackson abused his presidential powers in his administration of the Act because he disregarded the law (Alfred 1340). The Act required that the negotiations for removal treaties between the government and the Indians be fair, voluntary and peaceful yet the removal was characterized by coercion, threats, and force.


The Councils did not remain faithful to the models that Jesus Christ gave in the New Testament. In his article, Cooper 2, mentions that the models that the Councils adopted were influenced by differences in interpretation of the Bible. For example, the baptism model set by Jesus Christ was baptism was for grownups the councils later introduced the baptism of infants. The models were also altered by traditions that were assimilated. For example, Baptism in the New Testament was through immersion, the Councils introduce the baptism through sprinkling of water.


The doctor is unjustified in withholding the information about the patient’s health condition. Although the patient has only a month to go before retirement, the job he does puts the lives of many people in danger. According to Bernard 58, the doctor is bound by duty ethics in his profession. It is only ethical for the doctor to report the presence of the heart murmur to the airline where the pilot works. If he fails to report, his actions pose detrimental consequences because of the possibility of the pilot developing heart complications during flight. However, the doctor should provide the airline with all the information they need in order to make a decision that will benefit the pilot without jeopardizing the lives of travelers.

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