Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Reports Example

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Introduction and background

Rapid and accurate clinical detection of hemoglobinopathies is based on an efficient and reliable method of Cellulose acetate alkaline electrophoresis of hemoglobin (Hb) (Hoffbrand et al., 2007). It is reflected through Hb detection on some of the commonly genetic disorders across the globe associated with 7 percent of the global population (Hoffbrand et al., 2007). The applicability and the use of the technique base on the ability to identify and also reveal the existence of hemoglobinopathies via two differing ways. That is; qualitatively via measuring the absence or the presence of hemoglobin forms, and quantitatively through ensuring possible measurements of the proportions of hemoglobin via the densitometry. The essence of the experiment was based on clearly understanding how a hemolysate can be prepared from the blood and also performing cellulose acetate electrophoresis of Hemoglobin.


As stipulated above, the experimented was aimed at understanding how a hemolysate is prepared from blood, and also performing cellulose acetate electrophoresis of hemoglobin. Through using quantitative and qualitative methods, the experiment entailed preparing Haemolysate in part 1 through a series of procedures. On part 2 of the experiment, cellulose acetate electrophoresis was conducted with staining, destaining, and clearing carried out to ensure validity and the reliability of the recorded findings. The results confirmed the presence of Hemoglobin based on Hb electronics yield of the normal blood varying fractions that correlated with Hb forms present. In addition, based on the width and the intensity of the electrophoretic bands produced, they reflected the proportion of Hb present. Thus, HbA recorded 97 percent in adult blood, HbF (fetal) recording 1 percent in adult blood or 90 percent at birth with a HbA2 recording 3.5 percent in the adult blood (Hoffbrand et al., 2007). The implications attached to the study align with the fact that Haemoglobinopathies arises from a deficiency of the globin chains or an abnormal amino acid sequence in the respective chains.


The difference between qualitative and quantitative approaches to analysis of hemoglobins is based on the applicability of the respective approach. Qualitative based approach tends to indicate the presence or the absence of Hb while quantitative entails an approach of making it possible to clearly measure the proportions of Hb through densitometry (Schneider, R.G. et al., 2010)
Acetate Electrophoresis of hemoglobin has both merits and demerits based on the differing perspective and the applicability. The merits are; helping to establish the genetic Hb defects that are the most regularly witnessed disorders in the globe affecting around 7 percent of the population hence understanding the process helping create feasible solutions. The demerits are attached to the validity and the reliability of the process and other implications reflected in the process (Macey and Karan, 1994).
Some of the minor changes to the electrophoresis towards improving the results are based on adjusting the current procedures and some of the materials used in the experiment. Adjustment of the two entities through aligning some of the properties of the processes with some of these materials can largely improve the results of the process (Fairbanks, 1980).
During the electrophoresis run, the control measure can be based on monitoring and regulating the electrical charge that is carried via the globin protection. This can be used to avert some of the negative findings based on the amino acid composition in relation to the specifications of the experiment.
The alternative to the use of either qualitative or quantitative approaches is through employing the mixed method that integrates the two concepts through a holistic and use of statistical figures. The advantages of using the tool are based on the ability to incorporate the respective features of the two approaches hence generating more understandable findings. The optimal concentration of Hemoglobin in a hemolysate sample prepared from the process is (4 β only) and Hb Barts (4 γ only) (Hoffbrand et al., 2007). During the preparation of a hemolysate, the addition of H2O to the RBC is to prevent hemolysis from occurring which can distort the findings. The essence of using an organic solvent in the hemolysate preparation is based on different merits such as maintains Hb satiability during the process.


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