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Work-life Balance
It has been reported that there are different views about the theories concerning the mindset of America about work-life balance among working people. One school of thought supports the idea of being provision of a conducive environment for work and family requirements while another school of thought or group of people does not support this argument. There are contradictions in the both arguments.
Initially, it has been reported that there are diversified companies in United states that support a flexible working environment that aids to balance personal life and job hours. Different families have views about it yet reported views favor this idea. This is a known fact that Hewlett-Packard became the first US company to arrange and organize the flexible working hours and suitable work arrangements.
This company has functional and flexible working hours in operation since 1973.The reports and studies published by Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2005 showed that nearly 28 % of full-time workers enjoyed the flexible working hours. Although the figure was much lower than expected yet it shows the trend towards improvement.
In addition to this, second main reason that supports the idea include a general survey of working parents ( man and woman ) that showed the enhanced satisfaction toward work. Similarly, provision of balanced work and life enhance the morale of employees and productivity as well.
Moreover, employees who are more satisfied with their personal issues are more comfortable at work. They work with increased energy and enhanced creativity that ultimately benefits companies.
On the contrary side, if employees are disturbed or under stress they suffer more absenteeism and reduced morale. This will eventually harm companies in the short and the long run.
In addition to this, it is also believed that smaller companies in USA offer extra flexible timing and relaxed working environment than the larger companies. In this way, such smaller companies can compete larger companies, as they cannot offer high lucrative packages for the workers like large or big multinationals companies.
Likewise, suitable working environment has many advantages like increased employee’s recruitment and retention rate and attraction of other employees toward the companies due to attractive packages.
It has also been observed that diversified indicators show the dynamics of company’s ethics and behavior. Now-a-days the most comfortable working environment for the employees include; flexibility in working hours in terms of shifts or provision of documented start and end of job time.
Similarly, employees follow a specific course of weeks throughout the month. In the same way, part-time work, paid overwork , or job/responsibility sharing can also result in the development of good impact.
In conclusion, it is believed that flexibility in job or working hours in a way that employees can manage home and work life can be effective in the determination of success of both stakeholders. Though less number of companies is following this strategy, yet it is a successful strategy, in the long run.

Requirement by US Government

It has been alleged that corporate culture in companies grows with the growth and satisfaction of both major stakeholders, i.e., employees and company. There has been contradicted views on the both sides of arguments. Some advocate one side while others advocate another side. It can be strategically evaluated that which side has more solid and evident background to cover the area.
It is believed that maternity and paternity leaves of working employees can play a significant role in balancing life of working humans. In the current era, not to speak of maternity leaves, now paternity leaves are also vital and evident.
At the moment now, United stated is standing alone in not providing maternity leaves to the employees. On the other hand, many other countries like Sweden, Germany, and Iceland are taking edge in this event. Sweden is a country that is taking the things in a novel direction.
Sweden is the special place that is providing sixteen months leaves per child and thing to note is that these leaves are paid and secured in all the way. Now fathers are also getting share in the maternity leaves.
This is novel to say that at least 2 months are reserved for fathers as parental leave. It’s up to fathers if they avail it or not. However, the trend has been observed that more and more fathers are availing such leaves in very positive way.
The case has been so much successful that policy makers and politicians are making it increase in numbers, i.e.; father must avail more and more parental leaves. Following the success story of Sweden, Germany is also implementing the same approach towards its business model.
However, no country is equal to Ice-land, that is providing more number of parental leaves than any other country. Keeping a new and novel trend in the business environment, U.S must follow the examples, as the above-mentioned cases are achievements in many ways.
In addition to all this, United states must implement the parental leaves strategy for all companies. United State government must support and encourage the companies to implement and evaluate the benefits of the rule of leaves for parents ( mother and father). Many researches and reports are available that show the impact of the leaves at the time of birth of the baby. Mother and father consider it very fruitful.
Finally, my stance of implementing a parental leaves strategy is in favor of number of leaves for both partners. This will create a work balance feeling in the environment. Many developed nations are implementing the idea of paternity leaves.
Studies show that by and large many businesses has adapted it and many countries find it helpful in retention and attraction of employees. Previously, people used to look for big payments, and salaries are looking for work - life preferably.

Specialized Organization Arrangements

It is believed that specialized arrangements must be made for the workers who wish to grow in working and home career life. Many arguments are in this support that favor the idea of provision of such facilities to the workers.
Women workers outnumber men in various professional and managerial activities. They are more curious to grow and more anxious for their families as well. Almost every working woman has a child to raise along with the job.
This makes her career and professional life slower than the men. They appear to get fewer opportunities to grow faster than men. Such women come across two options, either to focus on professional career or to focus on career of their children. Many working women manage the conditions by sending children to day care.
Similarly, many women manage it by a cut down in their salaries due to leaves at the time of childbirth. All these situations create an unbalanced work-life that ultimately impacts the employee and then company afterward. Some focused efforts are needed in this regard that can accommodate such parental needs more efficiently and effectively.

In this regard, some steps are noteworthy to comprehend;

First of all, company should focus on the provision of maternity and paternity leaves at the time of birth of the baby.
Secondly, flexible working hours will keep the individuals happy in the end. Similarly, paid extra hours will enhance employee’s performance and income both at the same time. A satisfied employee is productive and creative. He can deliver more than expectations.
Likewise, work schedule must be according to availability of a specific individual. if some person is not available, then someone must give him/her a backup in order to complete a task or assignment. Company must take its ownership.

In the same way, transfer policy must not disturb personal life.

Suitable provision for medical/sick leaves, annual leaves, maternity leaves, flexible task schedule can motivate an employee to a much degree.

Company’s Obligation to Give Flexibility to Employees

This is true to say that firms do not have compulsory obligation to give the flexibility especially in respect of balancing of career and family, yet modern business competition is urging the companies to take a new turn more towards the employee’s compensation and benefits.
This compensation may be in terms of money/annual salary increment, bonuses, or this may be in terms of relaxing employee. So this relaxation means accommodating worker’s in many ways.
Eventually, it can be said due to increased market competition, companies are trying take edge by provision of more benefits to the workers. So, this may not be an obligation, this can be a need of time due to development of new market growth indicators.
In addition to this it is also believed that such facilities for workers are associated with specific areas policies and laws.It’s up to the level of a particular Government that they tend to adopt such policies, or these are just paper works and limited to beautiful presentations only.
So eventually, this is more related to the policies of related country and ministries. There are some countries like Sweden, Iceland, Germany, who are in favor of the provision of work-life balance to employees. Moreover, they support woman and man to work for company or career and for the family at the same time.
Additionally, this novel trend has changed the directions of the business environment, companies and employees at the same time. Also, now smaller companies in America has an edge over larger companies by provision of such facilities to the employee in contrast to high salary packages and perks.
Likewise, graduates who used to prefer high salaries are now in favor of the provision of work-life balance in the career. High salary gives less attraction in such cases now. So, if a company has policy or law, then it must be followed. It will be unethical if company ignores such disciplines of work.
In conclusion, it is believed that such behavior is beyond social responsibility and ethics. Latest researches and surveys show the vital significance of business ethics in terms of employee’s satisfaction, retention, productivity, and creativity. Eventually, this has an superb impact on the job profile and company’s annual growth. (WORK-LIFE BALANCE AND THE ECONOMICS OF WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY)


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