Racial Disparity In Modern Society Essay

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Published: 2020/12/03

Race discrimination or inequality is best revealed in the separation between races or the isolation towards inferior groups of people, racial disputes, lack of correspondence in health, cultural competence, and the like. More specifically, it is best described as the disparate dealing on persons or groups of people based on ethnicity or race. Even in today’s modern society, racism has been presently circulating in various countries, thus making a huge impact on people’s health and way of life.
On the other hand, there is also a disparity within the scope of the healthcare industry. As we all know, health is very critical to everyone that is why it is regarded as a benefit to every citizen in a society. But because of the differences between people, problems arise as a consequence of inequality issues. Race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, immobilization, social status, physical disabilities and locality can basically affect how people can have access to health support. It may be of lesser or greater degree depending on the population.
Moreover, as a nursing student, I can bring awareness on the key issues of race consciousness to other people by being concerned for individuals and families that may happen to be affected by racial disparities. I can also be of assistance to those who want to open up with regards to their attitudes, feelings, way of thinking, and preconceived notions on the issues of race as well as their health concerns. Being an advocate of fairness among every person, I can be involved in activities that will help eliminate health care disparities especially those that belong to minority or marginal groups. In addition, Nurse Care practitioners and students in the nursing education have to be actively involved in different awareness movements and undertakings that lead toward plummeting healthcare disparities.
Nurse visitations and interactions with the community groups who are distressed upon racial concerns will be a great help in uplifting the morals and the lifestyle of those people. This can show everyone that nursing profession can have a positive impact on social and healthcare sector through several awareness programs done in order to make an outreach to those who are in need of guidance and health support.
In this regard, I am able to realize that I have to work hard to deal with the healthcare disparities and be of assistance to those who are in need of nursing care and support. As a learner of nursing education, I have to make an effort to attend certain programs and activities that can widen my horizon and help people especially those that belong to the minority sector. With this undertaking, I can promote to give a lift to their self-esteem or the respect they have on their customs and traditions. By doing such, I can be more prepared the moment I get my professional license as nurse practitioner in the near future.
Lastly, I do believe that if all people have respect to each other’s distinct characteristics and views toward life, this can certainly make a big difference on how we handle situations like racial disparities or racism. Ethnical peculiarity and other dissimilarities we all had should not affect how other people will treat us or degrade us. We should be all aware on how we can stand based on our own beliefs and attitude. We also have to be respectful to other people or other groups so that they can also respect us the way we wanted to be respected.

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