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This writing is a movie review of "Shawshank Redemption". The top most film of the world because of its major concept of hope. Some of the other concepts shown through the character of Andy Defense, the central character of the movie, are patience, hard word, and wisdom. In this writing, we will contrast three concepts that are an unethical behavior, rehabilitation, and restorative justice programs, which are also part of this movie. Now starting from the summary of the movie, Andy Defense (Tim Robbins) was sentenced lifetime prison for the crime he did not commit, but only he knew a truth that he had not murdered his wife and her lover. In the prison, he made friendship with the Red (Morgan Freeman), who has spent years in the prison and has faced the brutality of the prison. He has all the experience of the life of prison, so he helped Andy.

Unethical behavior

In the first part, we will discuss the unethical behavior in the society. Unethical behavior can be defined as the actions that are not considered morally right in the society. These actions can be done by a person, a profession or and industry. The unethical behavior in different fields of life will be discussed below:
Unethical behavior by an individual can be defined as a person is behaving immorally with another person. Such as, if a person is lying to parents about where he/she spent his/her time, or lying to his boss about the reason, he has completed his work. Similar situation would be in case if a person stealing money from somewhere, if a person talking about a friend on his back, making atmosphere pollutant by any means, not paying the salary to employee for all his work, and so on. All these actions consider as unethical in our society (McCarthy, 2014).
Now we discuss some unethical behavior by professionals, such as if an expert is dating their clients, not telling the exact diagnosis of a disease because the physician did not know it. If unnecessary procedures are done in order to get the extra money from the client/ or customer, not the meeting the client on time given for meeting, In fact if any professional not performing all his duties then it also considered as unethical (McCarthy, 2014).
All these unethical behaviors are not that much severe, but the most unethical actions are murdering, stealing and so on. All these unethical behavior have some consequences, which a person has to face. To avoid these unscrupulous people government has built rehabilitation cells. In which a person has to spend some time according to their crime, and after confirmation, these people can join society again. In this film, Andy was being charged with murdering his wife and his lover, and for this unethical behavior, he was sentenced to a lifetime prison.


In this part, we will discuss the rehabilitation process. It is the process in which a morally or mentally suffered person is helped to restore his loss. Those who commit some crime are put in the rehabilitation centers to remove their unethical behavior that is cursing the society, and after they remain no more danger to society, they can regain their original place in society. In the movie Andy and Red both were in the prison, Red tried many times to pass the rehabilitation test in his 40 years of life in prison. However, he was rejected all the time until his 40th year, he has an awful concept of hope, but Andy changed his thoughts about life and after Red entered the society again, and his concept of hope was changed (McCarthy, 2014).

Restorative justice programs

Restorative justice is a concept of restoring the loss a victim or his family has faced. The concept is to repair the things between the two parties, so both of them can live their life in the society peacefully. This process needs the cooperation from both the parties. First, they find a point on which both the stakeholder will accept. Because it not easy to convince the victim and his family about the loss they had faced. The restorative justice programs include the victim-offender mediation, victim assistance, community service, circles, etc. the three basic principles of the foundation are : justice should be given to those who have been injured, those who are injured should be allowed to participate in the response to the criminal, community is build to maintain the peace in public (McCarthy, 2014).


Now conclusively, Shawshank Redemption movie discussed three major concepts, first is the burden of isolation, all the impacts of unethical behavior, second is the primary concept of hope, as in the letter writes that hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies. The escape of Andy from exploitative system justifies that Shawshank had a corrupt rehabilitation system that did not care about the prisoner's life. In addition, the third concept is of time, Andy's devotion after calculating the time in which he can chip away from the walls has given him hope that the other inmates lack.


McCarthy, M. B. B. R. M. B. (2014). Justice, Crime, and Ethics. Taylor & Francis.

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