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a) What are the ethical issues?Safeguarding the welfare of the patient should be the primary motive to every health care personnel irrespective of any individual’s beliefs (Pozgar, 2014). Again, handling of end of life decisions is a critical issue too. The patient has only suffered a critical brain damage but has not qualified for an absolute brain death (Potts, Byrne & Nilges, 2002). The situation implies that the patient is still considered as being in a category that would be “treatable” and which is bearable. The feeling of making the judgment of killing the person or making serious decisions of life for the person breaches the accepted cords of conduct. It is not apt morally to count somebody dead yet the person is still not.
The group of relatives proposing elimination while the patient has not met the criteria are threats to the moral rights. Moreover, a confirmation to an unethical situation is the wrangles over inheritance yet the person is not dead. The chaos are against the spirit of the patient too (Potts, Byrne & Nilges, 2002).
The third issue is the case of setting the clinical environment into an unbearable situation. The patient is in the intensive care unit section and peaceful environment is one of the requirements. Causing disturbance in the vicinity not only disrupts the normal operations in the environment but is also harmful to the patient. This would worsen the condition of the patient and accelerate the intensification of further harm to the patient.b) What are the legal issues?It is illegal to make judgments touching on the compromise of life against the spirit of the patient (Pozgar, 2014). According to the scenario, the medics have proved that the brain damage is serious but has not met the critical extent that merits termination of life.
The scramble for inheritance is not lawful whether before, upon the death or after the patient’s death. There is no mentioning of the will of the patient in the case scenario preferring any of the relatives and causing of problems with regards to the inheritance is not legal. Brain damage compromised the reasoning ability, the judgment of an individual and or control of oneself. The case explains that the person has not reached a stage where decisions can be made on behalf of the patient by anybody else due to the brain damage condition.c) What are the medical care issues?
The medical care considers the person in all situations ranging from the time during which the patient is healthy to the extreme conditions where the patient is unable to make decisions on own life. There are a number of health care proxies depending on the state and which provide rights to the patient to make health decisions and those that are considered as the end of life plans as well. The patient also has the right to select an agent who can make decisions on their behalf upon the situations of disability as that which is demonstrated in this scenario (Sbordone, Saul & Purisch, 2007). The main issue in this scenario is the lack of consideration by a portion of relatives. It appears that they have not considered the patient’s decision and that has also been demonstrated by them making no efforts to consider any will signed and or any agency that might have been prioritized for consultations.d) What actions would you take? Why? How?I would first consider the case to be wrong and unlawful as well. This would prompt me to stop the rising lack of control of the relatives who might have converted the peaceful environment to a hostile one besides disrupting the normal nursing practices. As the administrator I would first ascertain the claims of my ICU director regarding the situation and after ascertaining the case, I would order the security personnel to take the relatives to the right place where they can hold a discussion without disrupting the normal operations of the facility. However, this would vary according to the level of hostility and or chaos. If the animosity exceeds the level of normal control, I would call the police to arrest the individuals who might be out of control and escalating the havoc. I would further restrict the relatives from accessing the patient until the immediate situation is addressed.e) What resources would you tap?
I would tap the legal resources mainly. I feel these might be the only elements lacking. The resources would involve, the legal documents signed when the patient was healthy and able. The documentation would seek to resolve the healthcare issues first. (Potts, Byrne & Nilges, 2002) I would first determine if there is any signed agreement on the health proxy and if so to identify the patient’s agents responsible for the decision making in that case. I would then identify the provisions of the patient’s insurer to as to have a comprehensive baseline for making an administrative decisions within my authority as provided by the law (Devettere, 2009). Such may also include searching for the patient’s advocate, the family lawyer and or the documentation relevant to the scenario and or similar scenario as previously considered.


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