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Linux distribution is an operating system that is made of software and is based on the kernel of Linux. This collection of software is also often around a system of package management. The users of Linux normally obtain their operating system by the process of downloading just any one of the Linux distributions (Jaeger et al., 2008). These distributions are often available for a wide range of systems including embedded devices, personal computers, and supercomputers. There have been five reliable vendors of Linux that are known worldwide. These vendors include ZaReason, System 76, Emperor Linux, ERacks Open Source Systems and Pogo Linux. This research paper has an aim of addressing business requirements and concerns based on three different Linux vendors. Further, this paper will explore each vendor’s specific server and products of workstation, similarities and differences.
ZaReason is a Linux vendor based in Berkley, California. It is a family business, and the founders are CEO Malmrose and CTO Earl Malmrose. A part-time employee of the business is the son of the founders known as Kory. ZaReason offers a good line for services of laptops, tower, rack servers, and desktops. It also offers the ZaTab tablet computer, and customers have the option of asking for their own customizations in cases of lack of stock. Further, ZaReason also supports multiple distributions of Linux including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and Debian. This vendor does a significant amount of their own design and engineering with good quality of hardware (Freese, 2012). Its products are reliable and stout with specifications placed on the products’ absolute cheapest minimum. Open specifications in the ZaReason vendors’ uses hardware that have open specifications thus clients cannot run into proprietary roadblocks that could be annoying. Low budget graphics in the vending operation and networks have chips that require widow drivers just like other big name vendors. A unique feature of the ZaReason vendor is that its computers can be re-purposed in order to run any operating system without any technical and licensing hassles. All ZaResaon computers often work well, and the company gets to offer excellent support.
System76 offers a wide range of well-engineered lines of Linux laptops, servers, and desktops. These products are often suitable for powering small businesses and support systems. System76 often specializes in Ubuntu Linux and through this system, one can be in a position to purchase Ubuntu ads. Systen76 is a tossup between itself and ZaReason with which the toss up is better known of specific Linux desktop companies (Carswell & Jiang, 2012). As known, system76 builds their own desktops and laptops and also offers its servers personally. Their only offer of Ubuntu is always very solid and well made.
Emperor Linux is a vendor of Linux that is long serving and came up first as in a very immature version. This vendor specializes in Linux tablets and laptops ranging from very small to very large. Emperor Linux’s raven tablet includes recognition of handwriting, the sensitivity of pressure for graphics applications, dynamic rotation and scanner for biometric fingerprint (Palmer, 2012). Emperor Linux vendor supports Panasonic Tough books on full line and is ruggedized to military standards of the US. Such systems often range from a tiny Ant with a screen of 5.6 inch and battery life of all day. Also, there is the tarantula laptop that is of full size with all whistles and bells. Its own distribution makes Emperor Linux distinct from other vendors. It will install its own distribution of Emperor Linux, and this version is one customized of Fedora 16. Other customizations that come at times with the installation of Emperor Linux are Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Slackware. Unlike other Linux vendors, Emperor Linux often set up a dual boot Linux that serves customers together with a windows system. Most Linux vendors are known to avoid Windows because it is expensive when it comes to its setting up, and the infrastructure needed to manage window licenses of the software are expensive too.
Despite the different characteristics and unique functions of the vendors, they are also similar at some points. System76, ZaReason and Emperor Linux are all good and have earned reputations for being the most outstanding computer vendors. These Linux vendors clean up the drive for computers dual booting, install distribution choices and guarantees its consumers all works of hardware. Whether a consumer gets to have a laptop, desktop or a tablet based on product availability, hardware compatibility is always catered for with all specifications provided. All system76, Emperor Linux and ZaReason are thus all mentioned to be best in serving consumers, and this is an identified similarity they have. . All the vendors distribute Ubuntu Linux for its consumers and ZaResaon; System76 and Emperor Linux are most involved indecent databases. These databases help in the installation of Ubuntu with the use of their databases, and they focus on provision for individuals and companies. Syatem76, ZaResaon and Emperor Linux are all more business oriented thus has most options in order to make money (Stuart, 2008). These vendors involve themselves with computing activities so that Linux can have most provisions for its consumers who in turn pay for products and services. If it were not for business then, the vendors would not exist.
Finally, all the similarities and differences among the studied Linux vendor do vary and interrelate at some points. They are seen to provide the same services but at points range in production capacity and the influence, they have on consumers. Year of establishment also varies and it can be evident that Emperor Linux is oldest with a long serving moment. Sytem76, on the other hand, can be identified to be limited because it only offers Ubuntu Linux without any other lines and computers being offered.


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