Research Paper On Strategic Model For Launching Loogle Glass In The Global Market: With The Special Emphasis On SWOT Analysis

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The world of technological products and services is growing with each passing moment, and therefore, new customer needs are surfacing with the passage of time as well. The companies have to innovate in order to ensure their survival in the short run. The competitive landscape of the industry is modifying in such a manner that compelled the economic experts towards considering the short run as the long one so there is no difference in both the fiscal concepts of time in the modern era of the 21st century. However, the tale of technological industry took a turn in the direction of worst economic scenario ever because the Apple is not innovating adequately, and therefore, the global clientele is looking for powerful alternatives. There is a huge gap present between the demand of customers and the conceptual level of the prevalent products in the industry. However, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs started the journey of making the computer personal, and that he achieved while serving as Chief Executive Officer at Apple and Pixar. The death of Steve halted the process of innovation and invention in the industry of telecommunication, device development, and organizational efficiency.

Internal Analysis

Strategic Goals, Culture and Processes
Loogle takes on the role of key innovator in the market, but it could not develop the promised product, Loogle Glass in time, and therefore, there is a need to develop sufficiently thought-out strategic plan in order to facilitate the development and launching of the featured innovation in the industry. The search giant went against the very basic concept of marketing and advertisement that suggests the organizations to under-promise, but over-deliver in order to create surplus customer value that is going to create loyalty in them as well. However, the company hurriedly assumed the department of bringing major innovations in the industry, and therefore, whole competitive outlook of the market went on to have developmental lockdown in order to gain sense of direction from the new leader in literal terms. The unnecessary delays in this regard caused the perpetuation of anxiety and restlessness in the managers and consumers of the world’s largest industry as far as volume of sales is concerned. The workhorse of the market, the research and development sections of the leading organizations have to expedite the process of performing their function in order to carry on the organizational battle of supremacy. Loogle failed to deliver the product that is referred to as Loogle Glass on timely basis, and there were too much technical problems associated with the first lot of the offering. Currently, the organizational assets are working to debug the fundamental design of the product. Following is the SWOT analysis of Loogle’s present organizational state: -


The company has a strong brand name and organizational image in the world of technology that it needs to translate into success in the market of tangible products

The strong organizational culture that can and has supported innovation and out of the box thinking in the past

The company has cultivated misting elitism in the investors who have a solid sense of trust on the company’s ability to demonstrate exceptional professionalism in order to create higher financial returns


The organization failed to bring necessary and needed strategic changes that it should have when entering in the product side of the industry
The culture of Loogle requires the integration of formalization so that the company can respond to challenges related to timeliness of value delivery


Apple could not innovate enough after the death of its founder, and therefore, there is intellectual gap present in the industry that Loogle can prey on in order to capture market share of significant nature in the near future
The success of Loogle Glass will set the tone for everything that will follow the positive event so the company needs


The organizational and competitive dynamics of the industry are becoming tiresome because they had to wait for the innovative design of Loogle Glass to come in, and the copycats may have developed the groundwork that they will use in order to offer cheap alternatives in the future


The present leadership of the company holds the notions of innovation and invention most dear, but they have to apply the concepts according to the needs of physical products rather than electronic ones. The management has to bring the trend of standardization in order to meet quality standards of the products. The software and hardware developers have to work in close proximity so that the resultant effort should meet the surveyed needs and wants of the customers.

External Analysis

Following are the major external challenges that the Loogle has to manage in order to proceed with its plans to conquer both hard and soft sides of the technological industry: -

Legal and Regulatory Environment: Intellectual Property

The legal system of developed nations is strong enough in order to protect the copyrights and registered patents of the company as well. The target organization of this analytical report does not need to worry about protecting the design of the product from theft, but all its needs to do is to perfect the concept, and offer it to the market as soon as possible.

Global Environment

The global environment is not ready to accept Loogle as a producer and developer of a touchable and material product, and therefore, the company needs to sponsor and execute a marketing strategy that can prepare the customers to entertain the new role of the company in the industry.

Economic Environment

The external environment of the strategically valuable markets for the company is recovering from the aftershocks of recession that influenced every aspect of life, and therefore, the need to bring efficient and cost effective innovation is more than pronounced in the current economic order of the advanced world. The Loogle has to design products that can fulfill the need of personal computer in the novel and inventive manner. Loogle Glass can pull this miraculous project off, but the management has to take some considerable organizational measures in order to make the abovementioned produce a success.

Technological Development and Environment

The technological outlook of America is progressive in nature, and therefore, the cost of technical equipment is being driven down as well. However, the Loogle has to train and develop its workforce regarding their ability to think and act differently because product developmental needs of the future is going to be divergent from those that the employees and managers of the search giant has to fulfill in the futuristic strategy of the organization.


The soft products are having different marketing and developmental requirements. However, the hard ones have newer nature in the eyes of internal organizational stakeholders. The company has to introduce the trend of formalization in its structure and culture so that they can operate conventionally in a few aspects.

Social and Cultural Considerations

The company has to introduce the corrected version of the product on emergency basis because the lateness regarding final deliverance of the product. The customers of developed nations do not like those individuals and organizations that cannot keep their promises, and in the light of recent events, one can infer that Loogle qualifies as one of the aforementioned types.

Environmental Concerns

The company has to follow and implement a tighter regime with reference to showing commitment towards environmental concerns because consumers do not want to do business with organizations that might be harming the natural habitat of the planet. The company has to adopt significant nature of strategy in this regard so that the public can have faith in the company’s ability to serve socialistic and naturalistic needs of the community.

Competitive Analysis

Microsoft and Apple has the strategic power and capability that the company requires to have in order to compete with the Loogle, but the competitors have to behave within the provided legal limitations that do not permit them to copy the design of the upcoming product. However, Apple and Microsoft do have strategic capability to design better competing offer in the future, and therefore, Loogle has to innovate consistently in order to remain ahead of the competition.

Proposed Strategy

The company is already implementing the strategy of new product development, but they need to integrate novel market search in order to open global commercial arena for its upcoming product.


This paper has been written in order provide strategic guidelines to the company that is known as Loogle Inc, and the company is engaging in the development of new products that can offer a sense of newness and innovativeness to the customers.


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