Find Volunteer Essay Sample and Other Writing Examples about Selfless Work

Initially, the word "volunteer" meant "one who offers himself for military service." Since then, it evolved to encompass charity, working pro bono, and giving back to one's community in any meaningful way. However, the important part of the meaning remained - willingness. All volunteer work happens because someone is willing to give others time and skills without expecting anything in return. Some argue that this sentiment is at the heart of humanity itself.

If you are looking for a volunteer essay example, chances are you have had some volunteering experience yourself, but you have trouble unpacking this complex concept and writing about it. Indeed, writing essays about volunteer work, selflessness, free giving, and the importance of contributing to one's community can be difficult. After all, you've been doing it because of deep moral conviction - not to boast about it later.

However, as you will see from the examples below, writing about volunteering is hardly ever about self-glorification. As a rule, it serves a good purpose. It explains your reasons for volunteering. It shows how a little effort goes a long way when it comes from the heart. It matters, and it counts. After all, the united efforts of volunteers worldwide account for 2.4% of the global economy and millions of lives saved and improved. Writing about it spreads the word. It inspired others. It contributes to the overall effort.

Suppose you fail to find an essay that addresses volunteering in a way you can relate to. In that case, you can always ask us to write a custom-made sample following your instructions.

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