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Bundaberg walkers Engineering Ltd is a small to medium sized company whose head office is located at 4 Gavin Street, Bundaberg, and Queens land Australia. The company offers a variety of services and products. The services offered include design and drafting, manufacturing, project management, technical services, site installation, supply and erection of plant and equipment to the power generation and general engineering. The products produced include boiler drums, heat exchangers, evaporators, vacuum pans along with a number of similar vessels. Others include mining, sugar, and marine among others (Bundaberg, 2013).
A considerable percentage of the company’s sugar business is for foreign customers which permits Bundaberg to compete internationally in terms of market share. The company also takes part in smaller quantity of work for some non-sugar customers which is mainly the Australian processing industry of minerals. It employs approximately 120 people as employees directly along with other subcontracts significant work to different local business. The current WHS status is good in terms of rating given that it covers up to environmental policies (Bundaberg, 2012).


One of the WHS policies in the policy document statement is the environmental management policy where Bundaberg Walker is committed to investigating chances of minimizing and where probable to do away with products emissions and wastes produced during the process of manufacturing. The main purpose of this policy is to reduce the negative health effects of various product emissions to the environment workplace. As a result, the lives of employees are kept safe. As an example, the company Steel Shot Blast Facility for the surface treatment of equipment manufactured. The aim of this is to considerably reduce the abrasive blast medium waste released to the land fill previously by effective recycling of steel facility.
This policy is adequate though not fully current and more so very suitable for the Bundaberg in promoting work health safety. It therefore reflects the company’s approach and commitment precisely to WHS. Since the major policy update was carried out about six years ago, this environmental policy statement can be re-written to read as, Bundaberg is committed to updating its WHS policy, using modern equipment and to investigate chances of minimizing and where probable eradicate emissions and waste products produced at the time of manufacturing. Although is it not specified how and when communication is made to stakeholders, I would recommend that communicating company WHS policy and procedures to all employees and other stakeholders be done through company monthly staff meetings. This should be carried out vertically from the higher management to lower management level.
The company is also committed to attaining the highest probable standard of work place health and safety in all of its functions for the purpose of ensuring health and safety for all stakeholders of the Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd. The company is also committed to setting up measurable objectives, targets along with guaranteeing continual enhancement that aims at stopping work associated injuries or illness. Still as part of its policy, Bundaberg Walker is committed to communicating company WHS policy and procedures to every employee and others within the surrounding of the company work place. Last but not least, Bundaberg is committed to investigating every incident to the required level within the WHS management system. These additional policy statements are current and suitable for the company. Nevertheless, the adequacy and accuracy can be achieved by including the WHS training policy to its stakeholders. As a result, the additional policy statement can be added to read as, the company is committed to WHS training for all employees to keep all stakeholders more informed with the updated WHS company policy.


The following procedures are based on recommendations of guidelines on the chosen company, that is, Bundaberg Walker engineering Ltd.
Depending on the employees, Bundaberg company responsility and environment management policy, the nature of the arrangements will take place according to section 46 of WHS Act, 2011. Therefore the arrangement is such that it has to address issues of consultation, representation and participation in addition to setting up the requirement for company doing the business to consult with employees. The participative arrangement is also an individual responsibility which might apply to several people in the company workplace. These several people will be required to consult, co-operate and coordinate their activities.
The matters to be consulted include information to be shared with workers, advice to workers on matters concerning outcome of consultation, opportunity of workers to express their views, raise issues relating to WHS and workers contribution to decision making process according to section 48 of WHS Act 2011. According to this act, considerations on the view of workers by Bundaberg company management are also part of matters to be consulted. In this case, the health and safety representatives will be consulted for each matter.
The consultations will occur under various circumstances. Firstly is when a decision is to be made concerning the approach of eradicating or minimizing risks. Second is when proposing alterations that might affect the health or safety of workers. Third is when trying to identify hazards along with investigating risks that results from the work being carried out. Forth is when making decisions concerning adequacy of facilities for the workers’ welfare. Last but not least, is when making decision concerning procedures for consulting with workers, resolving health or safety concerns, checking workers’ health, checking conditions at the Bundaberg company work place or offering information or workers’ training.
The consultation process will occur in several ways including the pre-start meetings; regular workgroup sessions; convened workgroup meetings; workshops; reports of hazards; inspection at the workplace; assessment of risk; incident investigation; resolution process of WHS issue; other review processes and audit, safety preventatives and health including safety committees and health.
Bundaberg Walker Company will have health and safety representatives and committees elected with their deputies for a maximum of two terms depending on performance approval. Each term will last for 5 years. Their main role is to offer WHS consultation services to the Bundaberg company stakeholders during the WHS consultation process. They will also take part in the final resolution process and to give advice on the prevailing incidents associated with health and safety of workers.
Apart from requirements such as workgroups, health and safety representatives, health and safety committees, there will also be deputy health and safety representative, deputy health and safety committee and other arrangements. The issue resolution process at Bundaberg Company will begin with issue identification followed by incident reporting. The next step is WHS communication followed by consultation and then issue resolution. The feedback of resolution outcome is the risk management which involves risk elimination or minimization where total elimination is not practical.


The information about outcome of participation and consultation will be communicated by means of toolbox meetings, team briefings including health and safety community meetings. In order for the information to be accessible to every stakeholder including those that are outside the Bundaberg Company, the additional mode of communication, that is e-mail will be employees. The time frame for communication is expected to be 24 hours. All communication will be made in English language and thus workers will have to be knowledgeable in both written and spoken English. As a result stakeholders will be required to high ranking in terms of literacy and numeracy in this particular language of communication.


The formal hazard identification process occurs at design or pre-purchase of buildings, equipment and materials; at the time of commissioning pre-implementation of fresh processes or practices; before fresh forms of work or alterations to the organization of work are implemented; before alterations are affected to the workplace, equipment. Work processes or work arrangements; during the time of planning major activities and tasks such as shutdown of equipment; after receiving an incident report, when there is an availability of fresh knowledge; at regular intervals during normal operations as well as before disposing of equipment, or material and even building. Risk assessment on the other hand should occur after hazard identification has taken place. This will help in appreciating the hazard and its associated risk given that risk assessment involves hazard analysis. Once the analysis shows high probability of harm occurring,, the hazard is eliminated, substituted, engineered(designed) respectively in terms of risk management controls.
The hazard identification process starts by recognizing whether hazard identification is needed followed by identification and sourcing of tools to aid in the hazard identification. Next is to apply the tools to identify hazards. The process of identifying all hazards at Bundaberg company will start by investigating tasks environment and the task demands respectively. The risk identification process on the other hand starts with hazard identification followed by risk assessment. The assessment comprises of communication and consultation together with monitoring and evaluation. The next stage of risk identification is the risk control and finally risk control.
The continuous improvement strategies will include evaluation of policies, objectives, goals and the success of management plans along with the identification of system insufficiencies as well as the root cause of non-conformance. The monitoring should also be dynamic and continuous. During monitoring, there will also be ongoing surveillance of results in comparison to anticipated performance. The monitoring routines will have to be supported by periodic and paying attention to evaluation.


The following shows solution shows risk control measures applied in the hierarchy of control and how they can be applied.
The following shows the definitions and explanation of roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and key personnel as set out in the WH&S legislation.

The following shows the items that may need to be considered when developing WH&S budget.

The following discussion shows how to solve issues between workers and management.
If management and workers fail to come to some sort of agreement on how to resolve the WHS issue, the problem will be solved as explained bellow.

The following shows the process I will follow to gain approval of additional expenditure for buying 15 safety gasses.

The following shows the records to be used and how they will help to identify patterns of occupational injury and disease within the chosen work place and how they will enable the evaluation of the WH&S system.
I can ensure that my organization’s/Company’s WH&S system stays current with changes to legislation in the following way.


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