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Essays on 1984 are increasingly popular both in high school and in college – and not only in Literature classes. With the growing attention to building critical thinking and arming young people against fake news, double standards, bias, and manipulation, George Orwell’s dystopian book indeed proves its applicability over and over.

George Orwell aimed to show the horrors and twisted logic of totalitarian regimes and methods they use to perpetuate themselves, but the picture he has painted transcends into our time and today’s society bears a striking resemblance to it.

References to 1984’s powerful imagery find its way on piquet signs, t-shirts, and social media feeds. Memes and jokes intertwine Orwellian chilling fiction with news and reality that surrounds us in our everyday life.

The world we see in 1984 is shockingly recognizable and the book is more relevant than ever with its pressing questions about humanity, freedom, right for privacy, surveillance, power of media propaganda, and brainwashing that tears families apart.

In this section, you will find 1984 essay examples that analyze the book as a work of literature, as a powerful political satire, and as an eerily accurate prophecy. You can model your own essay on them, but don’t forget that they are available for everyone. If you need a unique take on themes explored in 1984, order your exclusive sample that will be written from scratch.

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