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Veggie Burger Development Proposal

The Veggie products in UK are highly competitive with leading firms selling the product of other meat related products; some of these companies record £15,553.65 to get the business off the growth. The business has to make over 14,000 products, through selling products at the price of £8.33. The number of products forms the breakeven point for the first payroll and startup cost before realizing a profit in case they are entering the market basing on the figures companies such as Mc Donald (Simon, 2001). This depicts the need for the business to make over 30,000 products being made to pay off the yearly payroll on the operation costs although the amount may vary across different regions. The business ability to secure larger events such as weddings as the target market can aid the company to reduce the payback period on the payroll and the startup cost respectively.
Based on a detailed research on some of the essentials in making quality products to for consumers, the business seeks an effective supplier and streamline on the supply chain to avert some of the costs attached. Competition research conducted stipulates already existing business within the same marketplace hence the need to embrace some of the unique business strategies proffered analysis. The research conducted indicated that some of the companies fail to have an online order with most of them not able to offer a combination of some of the products and services proffered above. With some of the new entrants emerging with the funding based on personal savings and funds from other sources such as SMEs and banks, the industry is highly competitive. However, some of the companies fail to present analysis incorporating a detailed financial plan stipulating some of the essential aspects that the firm embraces on the operations cost and marketing among other entities within the company.
However, Veggie Burger product is highly competitive with the growing concerns on healthy issues indicating the high possibility of the product dominating the market in the new future. The current increasing profit margin is likely to double in the recent years as more people battles with illness involved with meat consumption hence opting for vegetables. Such individuals are required to join the billion dollar industry as makes an impact on the issue. Since businesses are normally located and administered from a strategic location, it can largely lower the number of new entrants although the operational cost may be low due to the easy accessibility of vegetables in certain seasons.. Such considerations are essential towards defining the future developments, and the success of the industry based on the high demand projected.

Colour, texture, flavor ambitions

Veggie Burger embraces significant product features such as Low fat, and high levels of carbohydrates while ensuring quality ingredients are used in preparing the product. Through integrating unique features into the new product, the desired different colors, texture, and different flavor it is easy to achieve the ambition. Since the burger meal falls under the fast food category with the sales being predominantly high during lunch hours, the product should be of high quality with the ingredients of high standards towards achieving the customer satisfaction. In addition, through deploying best practices such as washing the hands plus worktop prior to making the vegetarian burger in the kitchen, the quality standards can be achieved while adhering to the business objectives. The texture, color, and the flavor ambitions of the product can be achieved through ensuring fresh ingredients are used to prepare the filling for the burger towards distinguishing the product from its competitors in the UK market. The product can be able to achieve different flavors through the use of a wide range of vegetable ingredients while adhering to strict quality principles during the preparation of the product and the procurement of the ingredients.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating forms the major goal of Veggie Burger product in the market. The notion attached to the concept stipulates the essence of shelf-life, storage requirements and cooking and implications and issues of improper treatment. The shelf-life of a product defines the duration a product can last in shelves prior to expire date. The duration is defined by the preparation of the product with the satisfaction of the health conscious customers guaranteed without compromise (Powell, 2009). It is possible to store the product and consume it at the later date through refrigerating the vegetables, at the recommended storage temperatures. High-quality requirement and principles in the preparation of the product and procurement of the ingredients entails some of the set standards ensuring cooking and respective implications aligns with the set healthy standards.

Quality control

Healthy consumption and safety of the consumers is prerequisite for every firm handling such products. Thus, quality control and methods to ensure clocking high standards are vital towards ensuring Veggie Burger product dominates the highly competitive UK vegetable market. Handling vegetable ingredients can be sensitive based on the different conditions required to maintain their desired quality. Thus, measures to ensure quality storage at desired temperature and clean environments are vital not only based on the principles attached to the product, but also based on the regulatory standards by governing bodies in UK. The product preparation should ensure there are quality control developments such as washing the hands and also the workshop prior to preparing the Veggie Burger every time in the kitchen advocated in every retail outlet. In addition, continuous evaluation of the ingredient procurement standards is vital towards ensuring the high standards reflect during the procurement process (Simon 2001:34).


The market is highly competitive with giant companies such as McDonald and King Plc dominating the market with similar products. For instance, McDonald Plc offers their products at a lower price compared to some of the other high street competitors such as King Plc. Thus, pricing of the product is not only sensitive to the market but also a significant element towards the growth and sales for every firm. The high competition for Veggie Burger indicates the high power consumption is forcing companies such as Mc Donald to lower their prices to meet the high demands. The companies reflect a competitive level in relation to the quality of their products towards ensuring the pricing strategy not only meets their desired sales but also ensures all vegetarian Burgers in UK is availed with healthy products. The increased awareness of the general public amid concerns about need to embrace vegetable diet over the years has largely boosted the vegetable consumption in UK in the recent years. The new entrants in the market and the existing leading companies adhere to these concerns by providing consumers with these products. The scientific developments have also boosted the number of firms offering food services advocating vegetables due to worries attached to meet products.


Veggie Burger provides health conscious customers with a healthy diet based on vegetables aligning with the increasing health concerns. Through attracting vegans and vegetarians in the market, the product is likely to compete favorably with other similar products in the market. Through developing an effective pricing strategy, the product is likely to accessing marginal share in the market by competing with other companies such as Mc Donald offering similar products. Based on the statistics indicates that UK’s adult population of about 2percent is either vegans or vegetarians, the product targeted consumers are likely to increase amid increasing public awareness on health concerns attributed to meat consumption. Thus, the product meets the proposed needs and those of the consumers targeted in the market. Through strategic pricing approach and marketing undertakings, the product can achieve a competitive edge in the market.


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