On this page, you will find the most popular topics for college essays that you can borrow or model your own title on. They are broken down into categories based on their subject matter: a work of classic literature, a particular discipline, an issue they address, etc.

Clicking on the name of the category, for example, “Wizard Of Oz”, will bring you to a page with previews of all essays in our library about Wizard of Oz – Frank Baum’s 1900 book’s analysis, its comparison to other books, research on the 1939 classic movie, modern music theater performance critique, etc.

This tool can be used in a multitude of ways:

  • For research, if you need to find information on the topic
  • For seeing how other students approached a topic similar to yours
  • For finding interesting topics to explore in your own essay

Let’s look at this last point in detail.

When You Might Need Sample
Essay-Writing Topics

You might not realize how difficult it is to choose a topic for your essay until you actually have to do it. As a rule, they give you ready-made topics for writing an essay. That is the whole point! They want to find out how well you know the subject, so they make you write about it.

Sometimes those prescribed topics are great. Sometimes they are difficult, but good kind of difficult – challenging and exciting, inspiriting you to do research and learn more. Sometimes they are difficult as in “obscure” and you struggle to find any information about your topic. Or worse – they are so boring you wish they would just let you choose essay subjects ideas yourself.

Yet when this blessed moment arrives and you finally get to choose – it comes. The paralysis of choice. Of all the subjects to write an essay on how do you choose the best one? Then you start wishing there was something to ground you, to limit the endless possibility.

Another issue is that even if you have a general idea of what to write about, crafting a good topic may still present a challenge. For example, your task is to write about a modern pop culture phenomenon. You are all set to write about amine because you like this genre and know a lot about it. Where do you go from there?

What Are Good Topics for an Essay?

When you have to come up with your own topic for writing essay, topics examples can be very helpful. You might have some idea of what you can do with your subject simply by browsing through the essays in a category. See what they all have in common:

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As a rule, you will have to narrow down your topic to fit the scope of a college essay. For example, you can choose to look into the origins of anime as a genre, describe the influence of a particular franchise on youth culture in your country, or analyze symbolism in a particular title.

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Your topic must have research potential. By zeroing down on your topic of choice, you should be able to obtain some new information: through analysis and synthesis, through deep research, or experiment. If the data you present in your essay can be found in a corresponding Wikipedia entry, is there any point in writing it?

That’s the theory, anyway. If you want to know what are some good essay topics on the subject that interests you – be it gender equality or Earth science – just click on it in the alphabetically ordered list below and explore the wonderful topics others have already come up with to make your life a bit easier!

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